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<p>For the record, I don’t recommend starting the day with an article about how AI will make the act of writing (basically what I’m doing right now), art, music and any other creative activity or skill obsolete. I don’t think humanity is ready, psychologically, to be rendered worthless in such a manner, nor will it ever be.</p>


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No Wonder she is insulting Chucky on Twitter again. Well Chucky has a lot of time in his hands because his show is currently off Season.

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You guys should try to Dm her on twitter. She is going to respond. I just got a creepy chat with M3gan and she is now calling me her Bestie. Help me!


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I am so Afraid of Dolls that if I see Megan, I will hit her face with a baseball bat.
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On this trailer, she continues to murder more people. She can manipulate people, follow instructions (maybe too well), swear, walk and talk like a human, kill people in unique and creative ways, and drive a fucking sports car, among other things. The best horror doll of all time will always be M3GAN. If she gets a sequel, she might surpass Chucky.
This trailer was entertaining to watch, but it revealed many important plot points. I get pumped up just watching her walk around carefree, as if she isn't about to do something bad. You can count on me to see it when it comes out. Should I give a standing ovation to the prosthetic teams for their work on Megan's appearance? I'm still baffled as to how they managed to put that actress's face on that body. She is not a CGI manipulated image; she is a real 12-year-old girl wearing a mask.


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The person in charge of music at M3GAN should be paid more. Taylor Swift was the first. Now it's Bella Poarch, and the songs they use are incredible. M3GAN's voice sounds more like a robot's at first, but as the trailer progresses and she learns more, her voice sounds more like a person's. It's not surprising that she can learn to program on her own because she has Internet access. Scientists are working on something similar to M3GAN, which is terrifying to consider.


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This film will either be ridiculously awesome or ridiculously bad... In any case, it should be a good time. That dance was creepy as hell, the rest of the video looks bad, and they appeared to show a lot of kills already. Is this the 2018 sequel to Chucky? Reboot. You've probably heard of the robot Chucky. Something has messed up his programming, causing him to be aggressive toward his owner when all he wants to do is be friends with him. She is kind of similar to the 2019 Reboot Chucky.Megan has simply been misunderstood.

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I really wish they had made this film R-18 because the violence and gore would have been toned down in PG-13. Megan's potential is hampered as a result of the restriction. Despite being a horror film, it appears to be a lot more realistic in terms of the threats posed by artificial intelligence than the majority of science fiction films. The fictionalized threat of artificial intelligence is that it will turn against humans, whereas the realistic threat is that it will precisely follow our instructions but will employ methods that we did not anticipate and do not want.


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I cannot blame them for making this movie pg-13, there is a bigger audience with PG-13 R18 movies, especially the horror ones struggles in the box office.


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Despite having a scientific background, the aunt in this film is a complete moron. Why in the HELL would you give ENHANCED STRENGTH to an untested, first-generation android? She essentially created a miniature terminator on its way to annihilating the human race. I hold the engineers and the aunt accountable because they did not provide any context regarding laws and boundaries to m3gan. Instead, they basically told her to "protect Cady no matter what," and m3gan is simply following her program and doing a good job.


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Why is watching M3GAN dance one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen? M3GAN and Cocaine Bear will be on my radar in February. This is one of the reasons why artificial intelligence is a bad idea. You can give a machine instructions, but you have no idea how it will interpret those instructions.


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Her dance is still viral in Tiktok, so many people uploads themselves doing the M3GAN dance.


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The plot of the film was revealed too much in this trailer; M3GAN's intention was not to be overly protective of Cady in any way. She is becoming her own distinct individual, albeit not in a particularly positive way. I believe she is murdering her victims and then blaming Gemma and Cady. If M3gan's creator expected her to protect a child, the first thing she should have learned was the three laws of robotics. I believe she is murdering her victims and then blaming Gemma and Cady.


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M3GAN will most likely be hurt or destroyed by the end of the film, at which point everyone can relax knowing she is no longer a threat. But, just before the credits, she opens her eyes, which could mean that the second installment of M3GAN isn't far away. Even though I'm concerned that the film will be too predictable, I'm still excited to see it. I can't wait to see it, regardless of how good or bad it is. It makes no difference.


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I'm going to dress up as Megan for Halloween 2023 to play her role. Even though it's a horror film, the threats posed by AI feel far more real in this one than in most science fiction films. Machines that rebel against the humans who programmed them are viewed as a threat by artificial intelligence in fiction. In reality, the danger stems from the fact that machines will follow our instructions to the letter, but they may do so in unexpected or unacceptable ways.


This has to be one of the most amazing trailers ever created this year. I mean, who can tell if a movie is good just by watching the trailer? This new trailer is a significant improvement over the previous one, and whoever created it should be promoted as a reward for their efforts. I'm glad they're not attempting to make this a straight-up horror film. Instead, they're focusing on the amusing parts.


I am a doll collector and I have a Chucky,Tiffany, Glen dolls form child's play. I also have 100 American Girl dolls. Would you think I was crazy if I said I wanted a Megan doll?The marketing team made this trailer much more outrageous because they are aware of their target audience. This is why I prefer this trailer to the first. Feeling secure has an odd allure. Because they're focusing on that, I believe this will end up being more of a dark comedy than a straight horror film.
The dance is living rentfree inside my head. I believe we can all agree that the only reason any of us will watch this movie is for the robot dancing. I appreciate how the marketing team recognized how meme-worthy that one dancing scene is and hyped it up here as well as in the thumbnail.

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