M3GAN 2.0 is the title of the the sequel as the 1st film comes to VOD

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<p>The hugely successful horror film M3GAN will be followed by a sequel titled M3GAN 2.0. Fans have already formed assumptions about what will happen in the sequel, particularly in light of what happened at the end of the first film. Allison Williams and Violet Mcgraw will return in the show’s second season. This implies that M3GAN is not yet finished with Gemma and Kady. M3GAN’s Physical actress Amie Donald and voice actress Jenna Davis are still not asked to return.</p>


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Megan is the reason why my spotify playlist have the songs: Its nice to have a friend, Dolls,Titanium, Tell me your dreams and Toy soldiers.
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A sequel might explore Megan's potential mind upload to Gemma's property's Alexa-like device. Consequently, it appears likely that the plot will develop further. The idea of Gemma and Cady coming back makes my pulse race.


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If I have creative control over the sequel, I would prefer Megan not pursue Cady and Gemma any further. Megan might download a new version of herself from the internet, rehabilitate herself, and then look for a new family. If Gemma and Cady tell this family the truth about the doll, it could save their lives and save them from a horrible future. Megan may use their darkest secrets to blackmail someone. She is more powerful than previous killer dolls. I'd like to be a witness to different types of blackmail, including cyberbullying. There is more to the AI horror genre than slasher films. Because I liked the Megan movie so much, I am interested in watching more of her, but because she is such a cultural icon, I don't want to be let down.

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Since the sequel is years away, I am more excited for the unrated version. The first was so much fun, but I wanted just a bit more nastiness! The movie was originally rated R, but they decided to reduce it to PG-13 when it went popular on TikTok.


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I feel as though I'm still lost in 2022. Even though the year 2025 is only two years away, it seemed like three years when I realized that the current year is 2023. It ought to be fascinating. I watched the film. I'm curious how they'll manage it. I can't wait till 2025 because I'm so excited to see the follow-up. In order to avoid rushing the sequel, they are treating this with caution and have a two-year strategy in place. Instead of approving a sequel one year later because it would cause oversaturation, they are waiting two years to make sure the won't mess it up.
LOL at the SNL parody because yes Gays love M3GAN. They ignored a movie created for them like Bros and TV show like Real friends from WEHO but they are loving M3GAN calling her mother while saying Slay. When I was in theater I hear a lot of gays screaming fears and Slay whenever M3GAN is on screen.


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25 dollars is too much for me, I think I will just wait for it to be available for streaming because VOD is too expensive.
The Song Dolls and Its nice to have a friend now stuck in my head thanks to the trailers of this movie. Those songs are not even in the actual movie.


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Hope the r-18 VERSION will add some additional kills because the bodycount of 5 deaths is too small for me. Have M3gan kill more people.


In the following installment, I really hope there will be a robot army.
After the mayhem that was caused by only one robot, it would be a mind-blowing experience to see such a large army.
The rest of the story, from this point onward, is going to be quite interesting to follow because of the path it will take.


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M3GAN is absolutely fantastic because it had numerous parallels to technology, death, and the implications of constructing a perfect toy that you can't let go of as you grow older. Despite my original expectations, it was funnier than I expected, and I would have preferred to see the R-rated version to emphasize the horror parts. I saw the film in a packed cinema, and it outperformed my expectations for a January release. I am delighted that James Wan and Blumhouse are bringing back campy horror films, as I miss them. I wont mind a sequel so bring in M3GAN 2.0!


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This is a movie that I truly adore and I've seen it five times already. So I am happy there is a sequel. It's not just fantastic, but its character, M3gan, is a perfect blend of both terrifying and humorous, with the ability to touch your heart and make you cry. Unlike other horror movie icons like Chucky who tend to be over the top, or underplayed like Annabell, M3gan strikes a balance between her role and the film she's in. The fact that it's rated PG 13, which is unusual for a killer doll film, makes it even more groundbreaking in the horror/sci-fi genre. It's not about relying on drugs, sex, gore, or foul language, but finding the right balance of those elements to create a successful plot. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though it was more of a suspenseful story. M3gan is one of my favorite characters and I hope the sequel will do her justice by fixing her problems and mending her explosive circuit. Although the movie wasn't particularly scary, M3gan carried it till the end and was a real cinnamon roll.

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I am not frightened by dolls like Chucky or Annabelle, but the idea of something like Megan becoming a reality terrifies me. Despite being a robot, Megan has a compelling personality with both spunk and flair. She is also fast learner making her scarier.
I feel she is wrongly perceived, as all she wants to do is keep Cady safe, but people don't seem to grasp this.


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The plot was incredibly unbelievable and felt like a poorly made episode of Black Mirror. If you find any appreciation for this trash, may God have mercy on your soul. Sadly, it seems that movies keep getting worse, trailers keep becoming less promising, and as society gets more intellectually challenged, they keep accepting this garbage as entertainment. In my opinion, it is highly overrated. It does not fit into the horror or comedy genres and is more like a tedious slasher movie. In my view, it is way overrated and falls short of being a horror or comedy. Instead, it is a lackluster slasher movie. It's unfortunate that the poor writing makes it difficult to suspend disbelief and enjoy it. The lack of suspension of disbelief is not sufficient to overcome the inadequate script.


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@Maverick You are a minority dude, This movie is a box office success and the fans love it. You are just made because a movie that doesn't center around a straight white guy is a box office success. Die of Jealousy you Andrew Tate Wannabe!


My supposition is that in the sequel, Cady will be relocated to Florida to reside with her grandparents or any other individual the therapist brought up. Gemma, on the other hand, will end up behind bars as she's implicated in all the homicides. M3gan may secure a new body and focus on nurturing a fresh offspring, yet she remains intent on finding Cady.

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