M&M's retires the spokescandies


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<p>M&M’s had been a part of our childhood, We get to see them animated in the commercials. I remember when they started, it is just Red and Yellow and as years gone by they increase in numbers. I can compare the spokes candies to the Spice Girls, they have individualities and you pick your favorite. Well it is an end of an era because all of the spokes candies got retired by Mars-Wrigley, the company that owns the candy coated chocolates.</p>

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I was afraid someone was going to report this. DON'T FALL FOR IT. IT'S A STUNT.

They are doing this too close to the Super Bowl for it to be real. They are NOT, repeat, NOT retiring the M&M characters, THIS IS A GIMMICK. It's Baby Nut all over again!


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Imagine you live in a world where the cost of living is going through the roof because rents are always going up and food taxes are very high. Even more so, it seems like everyone is going bananas for candy humanoid animations. I feel like we've landed in the most absurd timeline ever.
Mascots shouldn't be taken away. There is too much distraction in our society today. They should talk to a counselor to figure out why they are so easily offended. It is none of our business if they find the mascots offensive, and the company shouldn't give in to their demands. The characters should be used by M&Ms for the time being.
My one and only wish would be for a business to say, "We don't care if you're offended. That's your own problem. Deal with it. We know you'll still buy our candy."


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I didn't know what was going on at all; I was totally unaware. Who are these whiny people who don't have anything to worry about? At first I thought it was a joke, but now I'm just like "wtf." This sounds like something The Onion would write about. Participating in politics is, without a doubt, the most stupid thing a company can do today.

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So, Mars is saying that they won't use the characters if they can't be shown in a way that they think is right. How childish of you! Everyone who whines is an idiot. They won't get very far by having Maya act as a spokesperson. From my point of view, things are only getting worse. I don't see how this will help their company's reputation.


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It's now controversial to market candy. Tension always comes from people, never from things. Wrigley's decision about Mars is sure to make things worse between communities that are already at odds. This is what they get for trying to fix things that aren't broken. They are also getting Maya ready to be used as an online punching bag by people with psychotic tendencies.


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In this case, a business has made the dumbest, least useful, and worst choice possible. Everyone on the team of people who came up with this idea should be fired. In fact, what good has this done? Is this the best thing M&M has ever done for people? How is it that this is all anyone can talk about when kids in Africa go hungry and women in Iran fight for their rights?


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I don't dislike Mars, the M&M candy brand, or cartoon characters in general. I don't understand why some people can't accept that two candies are holding hands or (gasp!) wearing sneakers. I really dislike them. Carson Tucker thinks that the female spokescandies are being picked on because they don't wear "hooker heels."


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Recent protests by American conservatives against a computer-made chocolate character have brought the country to the attention of people all over the world. In the past, the United States of America was often praised for its cultural and technological achievements. Why can't candy just be candy? Do we really need to politicize and divide everything that has to do with mental illness, or is it just too much to expect candy to be candy and not something else?


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I am absolutely livid at this news! M&M's have been a staple in my household for as long as I can remember. The change of the name to Ma&Ya's is completely unnecessary and just seems like a desperate attempt to keep up with the times. And to top it off, replacing the beloved spokes candies with Maya Rudolph? Unacceptable! The M&M's characters are iconic, and there's no need to try and reinvent the wheel.

I understand that change can be good, but this is just a blatant disregard for the nostalgia and memories that M&M's hold for so many of us. I refuse to buy the newly branded Ma&Ya's, and I implore others to do the same. We need to send a message that we want the original M&M's, the ones we grew up with, and nothing else will do.

M&M's have been a part of our lives for over 75 years, and it's disheartening to see a company attempt to throw all of that away in the name of a rebranding campaign. This is not what the fans want, and it's not what we deserve. Keep the name, keep the characters, and let's just stick with what works. This change is a mistake, and I hope the company realizes that before it's too late.


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I fully agree! M&M's are timeless, and changing the name and spokescandies is simply unnecessary. It's a shame that the brand has been tainted in this way after being a part of our lives for so long. The original formula has always worked, so why fix what isn't broken?"


I beg disagree, my friend. Change can be a good thing. It brings new life and fresh perspectives to familiar things. Sure, M&M's have been around for a long time and the characters are iconic, but don't you think it's time for something new? Ma&Ya's and Maya Rudolph bring a new energy and excitement to the brand, and I'm excited to see where it goes.

Plus, you never know, Ma&Ya's might just become the next big thing and be remembered just as fondly as the original M&M's. So, let's embrace change and see where this new adventure takes us. Who knows, we might just be pleasantly surprised!


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Ha! It's just a candy, folks. Lighten up! I understand that change can be difficult, but it's important to remember that at the end of the day, it's just a sweet treat. Whether it's M&M's or Ma&Ya's, it's still going to taste the same and bring a smile to your face.

So, let's not get too worked up over something as trivial as candy. Instead, let's enjoy the small moments in life, like a delicious treat. Life is too short to get upset about something like this. Keep it cool, keep it sweet, and enjoy the ride.


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To be honest, I couldn't care less about M&M's or Ma&Ya's. Snickers is where it's at for me. That chocolate, nougat, caramel, and peanut combo is unbeatable. Plus, with a brand as solid as Snickers, there's no need for any name changes or new spokescandies. So, while others may be up in arms over M&M's, I'll just be over here with my Snickers, enjoying the tried and true taste that I love. But hey, everyone's entitled to their own opinions and preferences. So, enjoy your M&M's or Ma&Ya's, and I'll stick with my Snickers.


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Yo, this is too rich, man! What's the deal with folks gettin' all bent outta shape 'bout a candy switch-up? Only in our crazy world. Shows you how even the little things can get folks all riled up and arguin'.

But, let's be real, it's just a damn piece of candy. Doesn't matter if it's M&M's, Ma&Ya's, Snickers, or whatever, it's all just a cause of obesity and diabetes So, let's all just laugh this one off and move on, 'cause ain't no candy gonna change the world, but it might just give us a sugar rush.

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