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Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is an Adaptation of a 1965 children’s book by Bernard Waber. Sony Pictures distribute it, and its soundtrack will most likely be from Sony records. If you thought the music on the soundtrack of “The Greatest Showman” was great, you’re in for a real treat because the same songwriters who worked on that score created the score for this movie that’s appropriate for the whole family.
Lyle The crocodile in one of the books from his series
Shawn Mendes’ acting career is mostly his music videos, but he had a small role in one of the Episodes of The 100.
There used to be a scary urban legend that there is a crocodile in New York. I don’t think Urban Legend has anything to do with children’s stories. But this children’s story made it less scary for the...

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I hate Musicals but I loved the greatest Showman, So this could be another musical I might end up liking.


How did Constance Wu come to have a son who is Caucasian? I can still remember reading this book and loving the character Lyle the crocodile. And now they're making a movie, which is awesome and incredibly exciting. I can't wait.


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I don't usually care if a family comedy is good or bad because I'm not into them. Somehow I want to watch this movie because I adore crocodiles, and this one was particularly lovely.


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Clifford The Red Big Dog was here last year, and Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is here this year. It's going to be spectacular, a brand-new film with brand-new music written by Geniuses who the greatest showman!


When this trailer stated, "Featuring original songs from the musical team behind "The Greatest Showman," I was excited and amazed. I loved that movie, which is just one of the many reasons I want to see this one. Can we also talk on Lyle's amazing CGI model is? Oh my goodness! He not only has the cutest appearance (for a crocodile) next to "Sonic" and its follow-up, but he also has the best animation in a live-action movie. I honestly hope that this movie is a tremendous success, despite the fact that I never read the original book as a child.


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I'm laughing so hard at how silly this is. The movie seems to be a feel-good one, and Shawn Mendes has a great voice.


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This is adorable! I dig it. Right now, it just seems a little strange to me. Although I may need to adjust to this, I adore Shawn Mendes and the fact that the songwriters of the songs for The Greatest Showman are contributing to this film. I'll absolutely look into this!


I didn't think this movie would be a musical, but it sounds like a wild ride, and I want to see it. When I first heard that this movie was in production, I thought it would be entirely animated, but now that I know Sony hasn't learned to stop blending live action and CG, and Shawn Mendes is voicing a crocodile, I'm not so sure.


This trailer has given me hope for the live-action Princess and the Frog. The majority of it being animals has always made me wonder how they would make a movie out of it. I put the Lion King's failure in the movies aside, but after observing how realistically the crocodile seems in cgi, I now believe that Disney could create alive action Princess in the Frog!

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I had no idea this existed! What? Because I loved the novels as a child, I sincerely hope the movie does them justice. In my adult life, I still adore them. The live action on more comic/cartoon content can be so shaky, but this really seems quite promising.