Lupinranger VS Patranger, Episode 15: "An Officer's Duty"

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Zetton with a shotgun!
This week: the phantom thieves encounter Hilltop for the first time, Sakuya sneaks out of hospital to reassure that kid Keiichiro made a promise to in the previous episode, the collection piece seemingly just summons a gun so the MotW can fire his poison darts at a distance, Kairi finds out the hard way why you don't just stick your hands in random holes, the tactical unit tries using tactics, at least until they remember that their Patren #4 form exists, and Sakuya gets the credit from the little kid.

Dr Kain

A really solid episode. Although, nothing beats last week's flashback scene with the monster getting stepped on during the mech battle by accident. :-D The only downside is that it goes to show how heavy the team's character shields are.


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This was the episode that finally made me see the charm in the PatRangers. Before, it always felt like they were tacked on and the LupinRangers' story was more important. But now, I can definitely tell that they genuinely believe in the justice they're fighting for. Previous episodes just made me feel like they were officers going through the motions of their job, but I am glad they are finally getting some good character growth.

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