Lupinranger VS Patranger, Episode 14: "The Trap Is Set"

Toku Prime

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...and right then I knew that one day this policeman would be my suit actor...
This week: little kids cosplaying as wanted criminals, it seems the Patrangers did take out a Gangler back in episode four, how easy and convenient that this piece of the Lupin Collection was just handed to us, betrayed by the sprinkler system, Dogranio blows up everything, and secret underground cranes.

Dr Kain

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Best scene was the flashback scene when the monster gets stepped on during the mech battle by accident. That was so awesome. This was a really good episode and the leader of the Ganglers finally actually did something for once. Hopefully we start to actually see these villains get development from here on out as they are quite mundane right now.