Lupinranger VS Patranger, Episode 04: "An Unacceptable Relationship"

Toku Prime

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I see Japan is ripping off "The Shape of Water" already...
This week: a Patranger focus episode! But Lupin Yellow gets the most to do out of all the thieves too, so it's sort of a girls focus episode too! Just to reach each extreme of the serious vs silly spectrum, there's lots of cuddly toys making Patran #3 go gaga, but the villains are getting into frikkin' slavery!


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This week's episode was great. We finally get to see the spotlight on the Patrangers. I didn't expect that many twists with the Monster of the week. The production value has been impressive for Sentai standards so far for each episode. Hope they keep it up. I also like that the Lupin Collection pieces are Legend Sentai Easter eggs. We had FivePink's weapon for this episode. I spotted Gunmaijin and a painted Ryu Origami from the previous episodes.

Dr Kain

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Agreed. I really loved the camera work during the mech battle this episode too.

Didn't notice anything about the collection being easter eggs though, but then, we barely even get to see them on screen.