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The Reaper
Excuse the fancy name but this is where I gonna post my GFX works so others can see, what is art without viewer?

I creates signatures and wallpapers. I can also do VFX works but rarely these days.

Here are some of my latest works.

There are more on my DeviantArt


♥ 大好き ♥
Nice stuff. Just so you know though, check out the SIG GUIDELINES. It outlines what the permitted/allowed Sig dimensions and filesizes are, so you can post your work here and make it so that members here can be allowed to use them.


Also, just so you know, the "SPOILER" tags here only work at hiding text. In order to hide images, you need to use the "HIDE" tags.


The Reaper
Oh, is that so. I am so used to Spoiler tags to hide image in other forum, I thought it works the same here.