Love Green Lantern, or comic art in general? Check this out for a good cause!


AKA XeroTheHero
First off let me say this: I'm not selling anything or affiliated with the sale in any way other than spreading the word.

Moose Baumann is an artist and colorist for comics, most recently having worked on a lot of DC stuff (well at least what I know him for). His wife underwent surgery and treatment for breast cancer and was in remission, however the cancer spread and she had to go through more chemo and surgery to stop it. Unfortunately through all this she lost her job and health insurance, and due to her condition wasn't able to get private health insurance, which left the pair with a ton of bills, almost to the tune of 100k.

Moose has turned to the fans for help, selling prints of stuff he's either drawn, colored, or both for the mere price of $20 shipped. He'll also sign them if you'd like. He's done some fantastic work, including work on Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and more just to name a few. Obviously being a huge GL fan, there are a lot of nice pieces I'm interested in!

For more info you can check out his Facebook page. You can view the prints he has for sale at this link. Contact info is also listed on the gallery if you are interested.

Just thought I'd share this since I know there are a few GL fans as well as comic fans here.