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I'm a person who loves heroes. Always have always will. Why is it, that we have people who love and admire super villains? Seemingly average and sane people. Why do they love super villains more than heroes?

I've always wondered this. Why is there villain workship? If you love villains, why do you love them more so than heroes?

I'm very curious to hear your answer.

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I guess it depends on the role of the villain and also the actor. We have here a famous actress named Vilma Santos who was a heroine/villain in one of her films. And since she is very popular so that character clicked with the audience. But maybe if the actress for that role is not popular then the character will be a super villain. In the local tv, there were these 2 characters who are both villains in the story but ended up being popular because they are villains only to each other. As I said, it depends on the role.


People love hereos because human beings are hero worshipers. ordinary human beings are always waiting for hero to be rescued. On the other hand there are also people who love villains. Those who love villains are also ordinary people, however, their love for villains is somewhat psychological. I don't mean to say they have something wrong in their brains, what I mean is they love villains for their power, unpredictability and performance.


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In all the movies I've watched I have come to love villains. They are smart, charming and strong, sometimes even stronger than the superhero. They fight for themselves and build their own empires. Superheroes sometimes have the help of the authority or they sometimes win out of luck. If there was a fair battle between superheroes and villains, villains would win.


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I don't particular love any hero or villian. I like the character as per the strength and efforts put in by the actor.

I appreciate both characters cause they complete each other. In some movies villian overpowers the hero in the others its vice versa.


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I feel ilke recently there have been a lot of good villains in the stories and movies that are becoming popular. Some of them I like, some not so much. I do love a good Poe story, and those are always good for this.


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First and foremost, I generally love the heroes in action films. But every now and again, I find myself shipping a great villain too, like The Joker in 'The Dark Knight'. For me, I enjoy watching villains on-screen who like you some of you already said are unpredictable, but I also root for the villian because they're charismatic, hilarious and strangely enough, honest. That might sound like a weird thing to say, but I find that villains are often more straightforward than heroes. They know they're bad, but they don't pretend to be anything other than bad. And they really commit to their 'bad-ness' too, if that makes sense. More often than not, they aren't just rebels without a cause, they're really fighting for something, even if it's something evil. I don't think that rooting for the villain on-screen necessarily makes you insane. I like rooting for them because they remind me that everyone has a kink or two and that's it's easy to be tempted into embracing the darker side of your character.