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Though Nintendo is usually stingy about who gets to play with their IP, holding tight controls over what Mario does and says outside of a game, the one area they’ve always been lax about is the manga industry. In the right-to-left paper universe, Nintendo characters are allowed to have non-canon adventures, they can look different, and they can have different personalities — all things verboten everywhere else. Viz has the rights to publish Nintendo manga in the US, and here are some of the weird tales coming our way, including the debut of the Animal Crossing manga…

Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Deserted Island Diary, Vol. 1
Read the gag-filled adventures of four goofy villagers living among the Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters. Includes a bonus Animal Guide with game tips!

Kirby Manga Mania, V.2
Dream Land’s...
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