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I'm sure there are some "Losties" right? While I didn't really catch some of the hidden messages throughout the show, I still enjoyed the show a lot! Each character was very unique, and had different feelings toward eachother. Each actor was fantastic, especially Benjamin Linus. Even though he was a bad guy, I still liked him for a few episodes here and there. My favorite character of the show is probably Sawyer. He has an attitude, but shows it in a humorous way. He's not too mean, and he's funny and sarcastic most of the time. He can also be dangerous and very threatening. If I had to rate the show out of 10, I would give it a 9/10. Some questions were left unanswered which I'm sure there are rumors and theories floating around, but it was never officially confirmed in the episodes.

What did you think of the show? Which characters were you attached to, and which one was your favorite? Did you catch and realize some hidden messages? Rate it out of 10 as well.


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I am a "Lostie"! I loved this show! I would rate it a 9/10 as well. I did not like the way they left the questions unanswered, and the last episode was a little confusing. I am not sure that I had a favorite character. I liked and disliked things about all of the characters. But if I had to choose, then I think it might be Hurley. He was just such a likable person. I always liked the way he looked up to Jack like a big brother. I never noticed any of the hidden messages until I heard about them after the show ended. I have found it on Hulu and I am watching it again to see if I can find any myself.
I was a big lost fan season 1 and 2 and then it literally "lost me."

Hurley was my all time favorite but all the characters touched me in some way. I probably rate it a 7.5 all together.

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If you dont watch an episode of Lost, then you will be Lost. Thats what happened to me, atleast. I might try to go ahead and re watch all of the seasons, wish me luck!


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I honestly got lost in the end. I have always planned to watch the last season again to hopefully understand it but I never got to doing it. Can anyone explain the end please? Is it a "draw your own conclusion" ending?


I absolutely loved the mystery that was Lost. I only watched up to season 4 though. I plan to purchase a complete DVD set later on so that I could have a Lost marathon with my family at home. My favorite character is Sawyer (even though he could be such an ass at times). If I would rate the show? I would give it a perfect 10!