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Lost Ollie reminds me of my stuffed Koala Bear as a child. I used to be inseparable from that koala but never saw it again. My mom may have given it to other kids when I become a teen. As kids, we lost toys for a variety of reasons. It is a blurry memory, but sometimes we feel guilty about losing these objects that helped our imagination as children.
This limited series from Netflix gives us the feeling of something we lost that we wish to be back. Lost Ollie is created by Shannon Tindle of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends fame. It is going to run for four episodes that are 45 minutes long. Watching a limited series is comfortable because you won’t have the anxiety of cancellations. You will get the whole story, and Netflix delivers more with limited series because you get the entire story...

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This show reminds me of a late 90s/early 2000s movie titled Paulie. It is about a Sentient Parrot who got separated from his little girl owner and he tries to find her.

Green Mario

We have never come close to the live-action Toy Story movie until now. Damn, just seeing the trailer has made me cry. It appears that this will be an extremely emotional experience. I enjoy seeing successful family films being produced by studios other than Disney for young people to see.


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The plot is interesting....
There was a lost toy, and then there was the youngster who lost more than just his best buddy in this tale. There was a lost toy, and then there was the youngster who lost more than just his best buddy in this narrative. Netflix has a good month in August. Every week this month, there will be a new release worth checking out.


Given the amazing creative team behind it, I don't know how anyone can be anything less than thrilled for this. Although I haven't read the book on which this miniseries is based, the trailer made me cry. The sole difference between it and the Toy Story series is that it is live-action. I am very excited to watch this!


Not bad idea for TV show. We didn't see much kids movies with toys included. Mostly were anime or superheroes or pets. Kids toy were less popular. Probably since kids play mostly with smartphones than with toys anymore.