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Loot is an original comedy coming to Apple TV+. It is a collaborative creation of Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang. Both of them worked for successful sitcoms like Joey, Parks, and Recreation, and Master of None, and It stars SNL Alumni Maya Rudolph.
Elon Musk and Grimes are no longer together, but they are not married. Therefore, there is no divorce settlement. Let’s be honest, and He purchased Twitter out of pettiness from that break-up.
There is no prenup between Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. So fortunately for her, she can get half of his $130.3 billion Net worth. The People behind this series may not admit it, but I have one conspiracy theory. This series...

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I am a crazy fan of Park and Recreation. Former writers of that show working together to make a new comedy got me sold. I love Maya Rudolph since her SNL days and its great to see her in lead role after years of playing support.


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The Judge and Trevor from the Good place are married? LOL I never thought there will be a casting reunion with this one. I am still Bitter when Amazon Prime canceled Forever, So its nice to see Maya Rudolph on TV again.


I signed the prenup so I didn't get a single cent from my Ex-Husband's pot. I do get child support but still.... I was so sure the marriage wont fail.


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If I have 87 Billion dollars, I would have turned my whole hometown into a solar city! Every house will be using solar energy and that is just me only spending 10 percent of the loot.


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I signed the prenup so I didn't get a single cent from my Ex-Husband's pot. I do get child support but still.... I was so sure the marriage wont fail.
Most couples are so sure their marriage. Why get married if you go into without your whole heart? At any rate, it's not really a new plot. Lots of husbands leave their wives for younger women. Why not have the wife leave for a younger man and then the EX gets nothing, however he does get the kids but for child support he gets pennies instead of billions? Let's see where they can go with that sort of story.


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I found out about my ex husband affair with ethical.gurru at gmail and the funny thing is that I've got access to his deleted pictures, texts and bank statements, he's lying to the banks about how much he's worth while I can see everything. Well, he's lucky the money is not as important to me rather than wanting to be out of marriage with him.


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I am still young but movies and TV shows like this made me afraid of relationships. I can fathom the feeling of someone cheating on me after years of love and trust. It will make me feel not worthy of love.

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I just found out Maya Rudolph is the daughter of Minnie Ripperton. I love the Music of her mom. Loving You is my favorite song of All time. I agree that this show is inspired from the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce but Bill didn't cheat on Melinda, Vice versa. They just fall out of love.


So she will use the money only for charity, and she will not try to start her own business? I will try to feed the economy if I have 84 billion dollars.


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$84 Billion, I could have ended poverty in my hometown with that kind of money. I can give millions of scholarships!

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