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Look Both Ways explores the multiverse theory, not the Spider-man: No Way Home way. We get to see Parallel timelines with two different results. If I had the creative control over this film, I could have made this an interactive movie, but it is excellent the way it is. It is like having two movies in one sitting. The two scenarios are two separate stories starring the same character, but she got a different fate in both stories. Once in our lives, we get to decide because of a dilemma. I remember my dad saying if he had never met my mother, he could have ended up marrying his high school sweetheart. This movie gets to show us the “What ifs” of both situations.
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Natalie (Lili Reinhart) ends up having sex with her friend because of the heat of the moment at her Graduation party. This event resulted in two...

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I agree!
Being a good mother doesn't require one to give up their work. Why not in this situation be equally successful as a mother and an artist?

Lili being here is a really welcome sight! And for the sake of the plot, I really hope she finds a way to win in both situations!


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This storyline is making me curious. A single small choice you make can change the course of your entire life. It all comes down to your breakfast or whether you forgot to turn in a project. To see it from both angles is kind of cool. Just because liberals wanted strong, independent women didn't mean they had to give the parenthood road a depressing conclusion.