LOL GIF & Pic Picks Thread 2: With 74% more Pics, but 26% less LOL

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Raxbait: Hip
Omg lol~~~~ That's why I can't handle anime people anymore ahahahahhahahahaha (moreso the Yu Yu Hakusho douche than the other guy....Though if the other people wasn't trolling, then yeah I dun like him either. XDDD)

Anyway, I bring a new gif XD


Been watching the Zettai Kareshi drama and omgggg XDDDDD That guy was my favorite character in the manga, and then seeing him in the drama XD <3 So amazing ahaha

My fav actor :anime:
This really was one of his best roles :3
And also imo, Mizushima Hiro's best role he's acted in.

Right now I'm watching Himitsu because of him =D


Hey, I'm Eian.
AoiBlue - I really wanna check out more stuff with him in it. But first I'm working on cleaning up my hard drive from the dramas I've had piling up since 2006/2007. >.>
Yeahhhhhh.....I took around 20 dramas from my friend's hard drive when I was on a drama kick...but then toku came into my life. XD I'm working on Water Boys now. I watched the movie yesterday and started the drama today. XD


Not an image, but...

For those who have Facebook...

Scroll to the bottom of your Facebook page where it says in little blue letters, "English (UK)/(US)". Click on it. When the language box pops up, click on the arrow next to "English (US) and select "English (Pirate)."


there's upside down english too =D
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