Living With Chucky Releases On Digital April 4


<p>It can’t be easy, living with a homicidal piece of plastic for thirty years. Filmmaker Kyra Elise Gardner was curious just what living with Chucky must be like, so she set out for Don Mancini’s house to create a documentary using that title. We’ll get to see it very soon.</p>


Chucky is in the house! It sounds like a fascinating documentary that takes you behind the scenes of the iconic killer doll's history and legacy. It's fascinating to consider what it must have been like to live with such a famous and notorious figure for thirty years. People kept saying M3gan would replace him, but she lacks his long legacy.


Glitter Bliss
I've always found Chucky's enduring appeal fascinating. He can combine laughter and fear.It's impressive that Don Mancini was able to develop a character who has become so recognizable and cherished over the years. I'm eager to learn some insider information and hear about the cast and crew's experiences working on the franchise.


Living With Chucky is sure to be a must-watch for fans of the Child's Play franchise. I'm particularly interested in hearing from Brad Dourif, who has been the voice of Chucky since the very beginning, and Jennifer Tilly, who has played Chucky's love interest in recent films. It's always fascinating to hear from the people who bring these characters to life on screen.


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The one-of-a-kind documentary Living with Chucky appears to offer a fresh perspective on the well-known killer doll. I'm glad director Kyra Elise Gardner chose to investigate what it's like to coexist with a murderous piece of plastic, and I'm excited to hear about the cast and crew's experiences making the films.

It's impressive that Chucky has worked for more than three decades, and I'm eager to learn more about the character's development and evolution over the years. Living with Chucky appears to be an intriguing and educational documentary that sheds light on the creation of one of the most well-known horror franchises of all time.


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This trailer is the first time I saw the voice actor of Chucky and its cool that the actress who played Nica is his daughter.


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Ah, the film that introduced me to horror as a young one. I still remember with clarity the times I'd visit our local video shop with me older brothers to rent the first three Childs Play movies on VHS. Chucky as a character had me completely captivated; and this was before Toy Story, so the notion of a toy in that manner as a wee child was quite otherworldly.


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Ha! M3GAN fans be like, "Chucky who? That little doll can't do nothin'!" Oh, how wrong they are! They seem to have forgotten that Chucky can transfer his soul into other bodies and even control other Chucky dolls. He's like a virus, multiplying and taking over everything in his path! Poor Megan wouldn't stand a chance against the sheer power and evil genius of Chucky. Sorry, M3GAN, but it looks like you've met your match!

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