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Live Action Pokemon series is currently in the works
Netflix is developing a live-action Pokemon but sadly it is not a Detective Pikachu sequel. For a budget of $150 Million, it made $433 million at the box office. As Popular as that movie is, it is not going to have a sequel. The Actor from the movie already disconfirmed it. The success of that film though gives Netflix an idea that a live action Pokemon can be feasible.
The Live-Action Pokemon I am talking about is a Netflix original. It could be a stand-alone story or an adaptation of the games and Anime.. Original characters might be a better option because the Anime and Game characters don’t age. They stay young forever because of a floating timeline. The Humans are not the star of the Franchise anyway but the Pocket Monsters themselves. Ash Ketchum not aging for 30 years is not going to translate well with live...
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