Live-action Cowboy Bebop!! O_O!!



AICN Anime-Hollywood Cowboy Bebop In Development

Anime News Network points out that IF Magazine has learned that producer Erwin Stoff is developing an adaptation of one of America's favorite anime series.... Cowboy Bebop.

“I’m developing COWBOY BEBOP for Fox, but doing it as a live-action film, so I’m working on that at the moment,†Stoff tells iF. “I’m really excited to be working on it, and it’s in the really early stages. We just signed it the other day.â€

“I have such an enormous admiration for its creators, that our first and foremost concern is going to be a real degree of faithfulness to the tone of the movie, to the mix of genres, and so on and so forth,†he says. “When I met with them in Japan, one of the first things that I brought up was the experience that we had on A SCANNER DARKLY, and how hard we worked to remain faithful to Philip K. Dick, and that was our big concern here.â€

The 26 episode Sunrise tv series and BONES movie followed a hard luck cadre of bounty hunters in the waning days of wild west period of solar system wide colonization: haunted but slick ex-gangster Spike Spiegel, grizzled veteran ex-cop Jet Black, gambler/femme fatale Faye Valentine, incorrigible hacker Ed, and data dog Ein.

Combining artful homages to Western media, inventive direction from Shinichiro Watanabe and eclectic music from Yoko Kanno, Cowboy Bebop won over many fans when it was released on DVD by Bandai Entertainment and aired on Adult Swim.
Yeah I'd like to see a Guyver toku series for sure. I'm really surprised it hasn't been done already.


oh and yeah, hopefully cowboy bebop will be halfway decent.


It's Judgement Time!
How bout a Live Action Outlaw Star next...

Just got done re-watching the entire series. Got to see the elusive Hot Springs episode I never saw before, too. Purr. Good stuff. I love outlaw star.

Live ACtion cowboy bebop? It could definitely work. If it has the right writer and director.


Live Action Cowboy Bebop?

It... Could work. With the right director, the right people to write the script, the right special effects, and of course, the right cast.

Hopefully, this will rock.


This was sort of announced back in 2007.

It was during a Starz special on anime in December of 07, and when they were talking about American Live Actions they went off on Speed Racer, Transformers, and Astro Boy with the people they were interviewing. Then a few guys said somethings on the line of "Yes we are working on Gatchaman slated for a 2010 release" "Well currently we are pushing for a Witchblade movie" "Well Cowboy Bebop is one of my favorite animes and me as well as most of my friends would love to see a movie version, currently we are waiting on a green light to get a script going"

I guess its just official now


Rumor: Keanu Reeves as Spike in Cowboy Bebop Movie?!


Just last week we discovered that Fox is developing a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie based on the popular anime series. Remarkably, the project still isn't officially announced and Fox is still keeping it under wraps. However, a good friend inside the industry who is a very reliable source wrote in to tell me that the film is being fast tracked inside the studio and will most likely be out by 2010. He also revealed that Keanu Reeves has been attached as the lead character Spike for over eight months now and is still set for the role. Unfortunately there isn't a writer or director attached yet, but with some new forward momentum coming from last week's announcement, I don't think it will take too long.

Yep, you heard that right, the same guy who played Neo will be taking on the role of Spike Spiegel, a former member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate who is haunted by the memory of his time in the organization. As we mentioned previously, the show first aired in Japan in early 1998 and was brought over to America in 2001 on Adult Swim. The series follows the adventures of a group of bounty hunters traveling on their spaceship, the Bebop, in the year 2071. If you're looking for more details regarding this live-action Cowboy Bebop movie, here's yet another juicy tidbit. With Keanu Reeves involved, it's obvious this is no small project. My source also told me that if everything stays the same, the budget on this will be insane.

Whether or not you believe it, the new trend in Hollywood is Asian culture. The first three big films that will open the door for more to come are Dragonball, Street Fighter, and Tekken. And we already announced live-action adaptations of Akira and Ghost in the Shell as well, so why not throw Cowboy Bebop into the mix as well? By 2012 we'll probably see all kinds of anime and manga adapted from Berserk to Hellsing and more. Jumping back to Cowboy Bebop, I have a feeling the initial reaction to Keanu is going to be negative, but just look at Day the Earth Stood Still. After seeing some additional footage, Keanu looks like the perfect fit for Klaatu and I can't wait to see that. Can we give him a chance in Cowboy Bebop?



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