LionWing Announces Maid Knight Saga For The West

Peter Paltridge

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LionWing is hard at work on localizing the hit Japanese board game Shitamachi Maid for America. The English version will be dubbed Maid Knight Saga: Story of Faltisia, and it will be supported with a Kickstarter campaign that launches soon.
Inspired by the Sakura Wars series, Maid Knight Saga takes place in a world where where valiant Maid Knights — the best fighters in the land — defend the country of Faltisia. 1-6 players will assume the roles of students at Faltisia’s Royal Academy and work their way through their studies to graduate and obtain one of these coveted positions. You can play things by the book and attend your classes, or you can ditch and learn your lessons through life itself, but either way, your actions will shape the knight you become. And when you graduate, the game is far from over.
Within the US version, the base game Maid Knight Saga: The Story of Faltisia and its expansion Battle for London will be included. You’ll also find 216 cards, 286 tokens...

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