Lionsgate releases a movie about baby lion! Pun intended!

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Jan 14, 2018

Young actress Melissa Collazo got her first starring role as Lena in the movie Lena and Snowball. This film felt like a tribute to those 90s animal adventure films.You know, those Movies about a kid who had a deep friendship with a wild animal. I feel like I watched lots of those movies during my childhood.
I am talking about these movies.

Its a film trope that is very common during the 90s. A lonely kid who will meet a wild animal and bad guys are after the said animal. Adventures and hijinks will ensued but in the end the kid have to release the animal in the wild because it’s where they belong. The Trope does not apply with this film because White Lions are not allowed to be released in the wild because of their inbred genepool. I have a feeling this is going to be a predictable film.  The kid in me though wanted to see it. I did enjoyed the films with this said trope back in my childhood.
Carol Baskins of Tiger King...

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