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If you can draw a line, you can play Line War — the new RTS from Studio Centurion. It’s a streamlined version of a time-tested genre that makes an entire army very easy to control.
From your overhead view, you’re controlling soldiers, tanks, plans and naval warships all at once — but doing so is quick and easy. Just draw a line from one point to another, and the signaled-out unit will advance. You can carry out multiple commands at once with your mouse strokes, leaving more time to think on your strategy. And while resource management is part of it, it’s been reduced to two elements: energy and capital. Keep those things balanced and you should be able to conquer anything.
Line War supports two players, but can be enjoyed solo.

Draw Commands. Create movement and attack commands by drawing directly onto the map, giving players flexible control over unit actions.
Replay Again & Again. Randomly generate asymmetrical worlds to ensure no match or strategy is ever the...

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