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Even though there’s no E3 this year we figured at least one company would move ahead with their big splashy presentation anyway. We didn’t think it would be Limited Run Games, but so far, they’re the only ones who have shown up. During a special presentation broadcast at 1 PM Pacific today, over 30 upcoming games were announced for release from the physical publisher, most for the first time.
Highlights include DOOM Eternal for Switch, KOTOR II, the original Boy And His Blob games, Blossom Tales 2, Frogun, Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, the PC horror classic D, a Shantae statue, and the confirmation that Shredder’s Revenge will come with a Pizza Hut coupon.  Weird moments and headscratching decisions include a combo pack of the 8-bit Bill & Ted games (these were LJN, they weren’t quality) and a reprint for Glover on the N64 (literally the N64, as if there weren’t enough carts of it already). And SOMEHOW, they found a way to mention Night Trap again (PS5 doesn’t have...

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