Lily Debuts on Street Fighter 6, Zangief and Cammy joins her!


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<p>Lily makes her debut on the latest Street Fighter 6 commercial. She is a teenage Native American fighter from Mexico. This Pint size warrior may look small but she can life objects heavier than her, that includes her opponents. Her powers are base from the wind and she uses war clubs as weapons. Masny fan theorized that she could be related to T.Hawk. Despite of being a weapon user, there is shades of T.hawk on her moves and attacks.</p>

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I wish Capcom gave Lily a different name because Lily is such a common name that even Tekken have a character named Lily. If she is related to T.Hawk, I don't think she is his daughter, since the woman in T.Hawk's life is Juli who is pretty much around Cammy's age.


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Lily looks so cute, I will date her if she is real. Let Cammy cover up, she is old now, no one wants to see a 40 year old woman in a bathing suit.

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I am completely freaking out with joy right now! I am beyond thrilled and hyped about how totally genius the transformation of Cammy's appearance is! It's absolutely insane how they've managed to totally revamp her look while still keeping her familiar. And girl, have you seen her hair? It's chopped super short, but what's even more insane is how the tassels on her jacket mimic her braids! It's like, woah, she's still the same Cammy we know and love, but with a whole new vibe!

I'm gonna be honest, I'm gonna miss her iconic braids and leotard, but her new look is just so sophisticated and chic! It's got that classy vibe that's just so hot right now, and it's like they've managed to make her even sexier without showing too much skin! It's just so amazing how they've pulled it off, and I am seriously over the moon about the whole thing! Always a Cammy fan!

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Street Fighter is a Game where you will just knockout your opponent because its a tournament. Lily's weapon belongs to Mortal Kombat, LOL, War hammers are created to crush and destroy skulls. LOL they give such dangerous weapon to a whimsical and innocent looking character.


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LOL, Cammy is going to the same stylist and Beauty Salon with Android 18 and Blue Mary. Then Ken looks like he is cosplaying Terry Bogard.


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I was pleasantly surprised by Lily. Even before getting to know her well, I found her character appealing, especially since I'm Mexican and appreciate her design and personality. It's a great combination!Her design is just so vibrant and full of life, and her personality is just so charming and endearing! I couldn't have asked for a better character, honestly. I am just over the moon with excitement because I feel represented.


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As an Indian, I feel upset that the only representation we have is an ugly stereotype Yoga master, Dhalsim. His name is not even a proper name in India. Also he wears baby skulls as necklace.


I want to be represented by a cool handsome or pretty character who looks like they had a shower.

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Totally digging Cammy's fresh new appearance! That super guillotine move of hers is seriously savage too! And let's not forget about Zangief, looking sharp as ever! Cammy is the epitome of badassery - hands down my favorite femme fatale from Street Fighter. Her short hairdo is straight fire, even though some folks were bummed about her not rocking her classic leotard. But fear not, fellow fans, I'm crossing my fingers for an unlockable costume option! Regardless of what she's wearing, Cammy is an absolute knockout - fierce and oh-so-cool.

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Cammy is now 40! Wow she was only 18 years old in Street Fighter II. Her redesign will take a lot of getting use to but I love it. She looks classy now.

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