Lightyear latest trailer reveals more about the plot

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Lightyear has released the final trailer, and we now get to learn more about the man that inspires the creation of the Toy. The Buzz we will see in this movie won’t be the one we watched in the Toy Story Franchise. He will be from a different Universe where Buzz Lightyear is a natural person and not a Cartoon character. Lightyear will be played by Captain America himself, Chris Evans. It will be his 3rd Superhero role after The Human Torch and Captain America but this time its animated.
There used to be an Animated series about Buzz Lightyear back in the early 2000s, but it doesn’t seem to be the same continuity as this series.
Lightyear The Final Trailer

In the Trailer, we see the Origin of his catchphrase “to infinity and beyond.” It was part of his regular banter with Alicia Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba). She is a fellow Astronaut, and he seems to...

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People still out here looking for Tim Allen. Yup, this trailer definitely says much more and now we know what role Waititi plays. I liked the shorter, earlier trailer but only because I somewhat knew the back story. It didn't say much otherwise about what to expect.


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All My life, I thought Buzz is bald but this movie shown he actually have a healthy mane of hair.
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I heard there is a controversy of a gay kiss on this movie? Who is the gay character? I have a feeling it is going to be Keke.


The Gay controversy is the reason why the movie did bad in the Box office because many conservative parents decided boycott because they don't want the subject of sexuality on kids movie.


Conservatives are whining about a 40 second scene of a lesbian couple having a casual kiss? That casual kiss is tame compare to the heterosexual kisses on TV. There is nothing wrong with that scene.

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