Tech LG unveils super-slim 5.2-inch full-HD display

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LG has unveiled the world’s thinnest HD smartphone display as the Korean electronics company continues to crush the competition on the thin screen front. The 5.2-inch panel measures in at an astonishing 2.2mm with a 2.3mm bezel.
LG refers to this new technology as Advanced One-Glass-Solution, and the new tech runs through Dual Flexible Printed Circuits inserted between the LCD panel and touch film. It improves vastly on the previous single circuit by reducing lines up to 30 percent and still creating a true 1080p experience with an RGB layout.

2.2 mm! Now that's slim, especially compared to my Nokia C6(at least 150 mm:) ). But wouldn't it be too vulnerable (if you drop it I bet it won't survive well at least it won't be the same phone again:) ) I don't know the weight but if it's also ultra slim it can easily be blown by a strong wind.