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Based off a 4chan topic I made a while ago, I'm gonna make a fake game (which would sell MILLIONS if it was an actuality), and you guys follow along as if the game was real. So, bitching, nerf requests, asking advice, complaining on which system is better, whatever. Then we all cry ourselves to sleep knowing this game doesn't exist. XD

Anyway, I present to you:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Genre: 2D Tournament Fighter
Platforms: Xbox 360 and PS3
Players: 1~4 Offline, 1~8 Online

Gameplay Modes:
Tag Team VS
Command Center (In Game Store)
Eltar (XBL/PSN Marketplace)

Red Ranger (Jason)
Red Ranger (Rocky)
Black Ranger (Zack)
Black Ranger (Adam)
Yellow Ranger (Trini)
Yellow Ranger (Aisha)
Blue Ranger (Billy)
Pink Ranger (Kimberly)
Green Ranger (Tommy)
White Ranger (Tommy)
Rita Repulsa
Rito Repulso
Lord Zedd
Putty Patrol
Tenga Warrior
Evil Green Ranger (Tommy) (Xbox 360 Preorder Character)
Dragon Red Ranger (Jason with Dragonshield and Dagger) (PS3 Preorder Character)


Continuing the Creddie legacy
Looks like a good game idea.

although you can have the Evil Green Ranger available on the PSN Store and the Dragon Red Ranger available on the XBL Marketplace later on, ala Soul Calibur 4, for those that don't have it.


[playing along]

Ok, you need to nerf Rita. I understand she can't really fight, but ALL her attacks are making giant monsters? Dude, they take all my life with one hit!

[/playing along]


Trust No One
Patch announced:

-Fix to Tommy's Green Ranger Powers. Apparently he kept losing them during a fight.

Great, way to buff the already OP Tommy.

Now on Kickstarter

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