Let's Go To Tokyo With FangireQueen! [slots available!]

Jan 22, 2007
Man! One day...ONE DAY!! ><

I need a new job if I want to actually save money *sigh*
Owner of the "Queen" Memory
Sep 5, 2009
Sorry about the work :(

I'm leaving the Tokyo trip private invite like this til Saturday, then I'll open it to public invitation. So if you guys have any cool friends that are interested let them know
Aug 10, 2009
Hey hey guys!

If anyone remember me posting about a group trip to Tokyo that i'm tour guiding well i'm back with it again. We were booked up but then a couple people had to drop due to financial problems.

So i'm posting here to offer the slots to you guys. Yeh, especially you toy collectors with the deep pockets haha. Why not pay a little more and just go load up on them for cheap? LOL

Dates for the trip are approx. Sept 23th-Oct 10th (You may choose to stay a shorter time, i'll quote you a price if you want only one week or something)

Here's the basic details:

1) $1700 due in May for plane ticket, hotel deposit, and guide fees (Atlanta is the port of departure). HOWEVER, we will have a flight connection in Los Angeles. You may choose to fly out of Los Angeles, and you're price would be $1400
2) $350 due September 1st for hotel (Hotel is actually 3-4 bedroom apartments. VERY nice and home-style, an absolute bargain in Tokyo)
3) $1000 minimum recommended for things like train fare, food, events (stunt shows, concerts), and souvenirs.

Don't wanna bring that much cheddar on hand? There is a Western Union in the heart of Tokyo that is very friendly!

Places we'll hit:
1) Tokyo National Museum (Sonozaki family home from W)
2) Tokyo Dome theme park (Tokus filmed there and stunt shows happen there)
3) Concerts/plays/musicals featuring Toku actors or just other famous people we enjoy
4) Bubba Gump Shrimp! Yes it's in Tokyo and it's AWESOME!
5) Lots of toy shopping in Electric Town of Akihabara
6) And events my connections can get us into lol
7) Imperial Gardens
8) Tokyo Tower

and whatever else we can come up with

Lemme know any questions you have

This trip sounds awesome... :thumbs:
Too bad that I can't go... :shakefist:shakefist