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In most roguelite games, you enter a dungeon, uncover treasure, get as far as you can and battle increasingly powerful monsters. But what’s it like from the other perspective? Legend of Keepers is that kind of rare game that examines a genre from the monsters’ POV.
The world is full of heroes, and they’re invading your dungeon and taking your treasure! But you’ll show positioning your monsters strategically and setting deadly traps, you’ll stop those meddlesome do-gooders right in their tracks — permanently! As an entry-level dungeon defender, you have a lot to prove to your superiors….do a good job exterminating the humans and you’ll be rewarded with higher positions at Dungeon Company (yeah, apparently this whole thing’s a business for monsters…I guess the treasure from slain heroes would keep it profitable).
Legend of Keepers offers a great benefit program for its salaried dungeon defenders: dozens of gorgeously crafted dungeons, campaign mode that pokes fun at fantasy...
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