Legend Candy Ranger Keys!

I got my box in from Amiami recently of the first Legend Candy Key set. Since I only needed 2 keys from it, I still have quite a bit to sell.

Gosei Knight(x1)-$7
Red Buster(x1)-$7
Go-On Gold/Silver(x1)-$9
Big One(x3)-$9

Shipping in the US will be $2 for one or two keys, then an additional dollar for each key. I will work out international shipping on an individual basis. I only accept Paypal for payment.

I am also interested in trading for RKS Hurricanger. If you have that, please let me know and we could work out a deal. Thanks! :)
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Not trying to sound like a jerk, but everyone and their dogs are trying to sell these keys at the moment. Considering it's cheaper to buy the full box than it is just to buy two or three of the keys, they've literally gone to being some of the most sought after keys, to being the most common.

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