Lee Jung-Jae and HoYeon Jung are both victorious in Screener’s Guild Awards


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Lee Jung-Jae and HoYeon Jung are both victorious in the 2022 SAG Awards. It is a rare occasion to see Non-Hollywood appreciate an American Award-giving body. Both Made history as they won an acting category that has always been elusive to Actors of Asian descent.
Lee Jung Jae, an established South Korean actor, has won the award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Drama Series.
The 49-year-old actor was nominated alongside Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, and Jeremy Strong from ‘Succession,’ as well as Billy Crudup from ‘The Morning Show.’ He is already a star in his home country, but this is the first time he won a Mainstream American acting award.
His character Seong Gi-hun is relatable and Sympathetic despite being a Deadbeat dad. Squid Game got him so Popular that Leonardo Di Caprio and Elle Fanning asked for his Autograph.
Lee Jung-Jae Award Acceptance Speech

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Emmys should be next! Lee Jung-Jae also won the Critic's choice awards. The man has been collecting American trophies left and right.

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