League of Legends Anyone?

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I've been an avid player for around 2 years now, but I'm on a hiatus at the moment. I play a few games here and there every two weeks, but I don't play as much as I did a year or two ago. The game is very addictive and tons of fun, but playing the same, repetitive game over and over again sometimes proves to be boring. While League does have great replay value since there are many champs, many builds, and many maps, there are mainly 5 roles that you have to play. I'm horrible at certain roles while others I'm decent at.

I'd also like to mention that the community is pretty bad in LoL. Every game you queue up for, if you feed first blood, that'll be the end of you. Some players won't mind on your team while others will flame you for the entire game just because of that first blood you gave away, even when they start feeding as well.


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I am Diamond 1 in league of legends right now. I also agree with Ozadin, the league of legends community is extremely toxic. Up until gold+ ranking you will get made fun of for everything wrong you do, no matter what it is. Good luck playing!


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I get both of you about that. I hate how toxic the people are, because it can be such a fun game! I always try to play with my friends. That usually helps a lot. I hate playing solo queue, makes me depressed. lol. Thanks you guys! :]


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Solo queue is incredibly unhealthy for vulnerable psyches, unfortunately : (

I'm in the promotion series to get to Gold, but after three losses in a row it's looking like time for another week-long ARAM break.

I'd play with friends, but there aren't many who are on my (respectably low) skill level. Going into a match with sub-30s knowing that it'll probably be a loss after trying my best for 20 minutes isn't all that enjoyable, sadly.

What/who do you guys main? (And while I'm at it, any tips for carrying matches out of silver? I get matched with gold+plats in my normals and do okay , but ranked is like a whole new level of lack of strategy.)

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