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I've been a language enthusiast since I was 16 years old or so, actually I learnt english when I was that age (on my own). It was then when I realized I had a passion for languages, and it was really entertaining for me the idea of learning a new one.

I had a lot plans, I was so naive and had a lot time off... so I was actually planning to learn as many languages as possible. It might sound silly to some, but I was actually dreaming of that. I printed a lot online courses even. The mere idea of that brought so much joy to my little heart :p

I grew up and a lot things happened; long story short... I fell short and didn't end up doing what I planned. Yup, now I'm stuck knowing english and spanish. I grew up and my priorities changed! I no longer have enough time to learn lanugages as a hobby.

Now I'm trying to learn Dutch tho, because I might end up moving there in the future and is actually a requisite for me to learn the language. I don't like the language at all, but I really have to learn it! There is no doubt that life can change so much, and add a myriad of ironic and unexpected twists, heh!

What languages do you guys speak? Is anyone interested in languages? Why did you start learning a language? How old were you?
I speak both English and Chinese, which Chinese is my native language. I learned English when I was little, which was good because it prepared me to learn it when I was young. Chinese, for instance, I also learned it when I was little, which I was about 2 years old when I started learning Chinese. I think both Chinese and English are fascinating languages, no doubt I still have to keep practice so I won't easily forget.

Dreek Lass

I would consider myself to be multilingual at this point in my life. I was raised speaking English, but that always had Bajan undertones, because of my grandparents. I speak fluent english though. secondary school - in which was about one of the only things that it was good for - taught me French, which I took to like it was second nature, and from there I learned to speak Spanish. Once you learn one language, the rest all kind of fall into place.


I grew up fascinated with our own language. I love words and the power we give them. I adored poetry, I even read encyclopedias when I was bored lol. I wrote every day of my life until I had children and then it sort of drifted off on me. My priorities and my attention span sort of shifted (obviously). Then my youngest, born with Autism, showed a fascination with it and my priorities shifted back. I don't write the way I did, I can't finish what I start.. but I love words and the history behind our languages.

I only speak English. I excelled at french in school, but once I left school, I left that behind and my french is garbage. I might understand you if you slow down though lol. Now with the whole Quebec/Ontario thing, I find my brain more rebellious than ever when it comes to learning.. and I still have to teach my children, because it's forced on us or we can't work in fields we actually care about. Tis why we're looking into moving out of Province LOL.. I'm very angry about the whole thing.. thanks for getting me started :p