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Alcina Dimitrescu aka Lady Dimitrescu is the most popular video game character now.  She is such a phenomenon that a guy composed a song about her and it’s a bop.

Alcina is not the main character nor main antagonist of the game but she is so popular that she became Resident evil VILLAGE’s poster girl. I can see people remembering her over Mother Miranda or Heisenberg. It is a shame that Capcom didn’t take advantage of her height and made her role in the game much longer. Her Fame continues to rise even after the game release.  Resident evil VILLAGE sold 3 million dollars on it’s first day.
All the Memes and fan arts made her one of the fastest rising pop-culture Icons. Many Resident Evil characters have their likeness based on real people. Two of Jill Valentine’s face models gained a cult following.  Julia Voth an Sasha Zotova both got a large following because of playing Jill...
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