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So this has already taken up two pages of the Kyuranger news thread but I figured it was overdue for it's own thread instead of being hidden in the news for an old Sentai season.

Hidden under the button below is a summary of all the information that had already been posted in the Kyuranger thread:

Kyuranger VS Space Squad will get a limited cinema release in June and will then be released on DVD/Blu Ray on August 8th.

It will be directed by Koichi Sakamoto and written by Kyuranger's head writer, Nobuhiro Mouri.

The plot is centred around Hammy (Chameleon Green) who has apparently turned evil. The space sheriffs are after her and the other Kyurangers are divided as to how to deal with the situation.

Returning characters include all the Kyurangers (obviously), new Gavan, new Shaider, Jiraiya (who last appeared in an episode of Ninninger), Mele from Gekiranger, Juzo from Shinkenger, Basco from Gokaiger and Escape from Go-Busters. There will also be a new version of the suit-only character Space Shinobi Demost who was a villain from Jiraiya's series.

Three actors who have previously been in toku will be appearing but not playing their original characters: Satomi Hirose (Ninja White in Kakuranger), Masayuki Deai (Bouken Silver, Kyoryu Grey) and Yuko Takayama (Rinko Daimon from Kamen Rider Wizard).

The latest news is that just as Gavan vs Dekaranger had the 'Girls in Trouble' special, this production is getting one too. 'Hero Mama League' will be released on May 13th, which is the Japanese Mothers' Day.

The special stars Nao Nagasawa (Nanami/Hurricane Blue), Ayumi Kinoshita (Jasmine/Deka Yellow) and Ayumi Beppu (Houka/Magi Pink). All three are reprising their roles, and all three characters will be revealed to now be married with children. The special will revolve around their attempts to balance being superheroes with being mothers.

Hideya Tawada (Kinji/Star Ninger) will also make an appearance. It was not revealed if this was as his existing character or a new one.

Instead of being a DVD release it will (at least initally) be exclusive to the Toei Tokusatsu Fanclub (like that Kamen Rider Brave special that featured the return of Ouja from Ryuki).

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