KR Dragon Knight (rewritten and becoming its own series than Ryuki)

Remember watching KR Dragon Knight?

What did you all think?

If you didn't like it, would you all think about rewriting the series? Like I know in Ryuki its about 13 riders. But if it was like 100 riders (Highlander style), some good, some evil?

I can think of some way.

Xaviax, I like his character and how he manipulates people into his plans. Ventara is okay too I guess.

Here's how I would see the show rewritten including the characters:
- Kit Taylor: Kit volunteers at a Christian church, until one day he bumps into some stranger with an Advent Deck. The dragon rejected him so instead he gives it to Kit.
- Len: Wing Knight. His girlfriend was in a coma due to her shock of Darkwing for the first time. He has been fighting in the 100 rider war ever since. With Kit around, despite being caught in the war, he decides to train him in hopes of one day they would fight in the war fairly.
- Drew: The con-man is well.... not him to me. I would've been better off if Torque was a good guy.
- JTC: The hacker suits him than a killer. Drew and him go way back when they were friends of crime until both went on different paths when James was arrested.
- Xaviax & Eubulon: What if the main antagonist, Xaviax was Maya's brother, whose the reason why she became a reporter. To search for his whereabouts on what happened to him for the past few years after their parents got divorced. Her brother was under apprenticeship with Eubulon who shared Maya's brother his secrets, due to the fact that he was an alien disguising himself as a university science teacher. Eventually, her brother discovers how to create his own technology similar to Eubulon's and uses it to create a new world and start humanity over again. Creating the mirror world, Ventara, he also made Mirror Monsters and takes revenge on their parents for separating their children.
- Maya: Maya is alright.

That's all I got for now.

Dr Kain

I thought it was crap. The acting was extremely bad to the point that they probably just saw someone walking down the street and asked them to be in the show. The lack of any true threat to losing took away any sort of suspense the show could have had. However, the worst aspect of the show was its music, and sound. Everything was at such a low volume that you did not even realize it was there half of the time. These shows rabble in special effects, so when those are down right terrible, you have a major problem. Lastly, the show was just down right boring and had a clip show for its final episode. A CLIP SHOW!!!!

Ice Ixa

Do you wish for more money to make this possible?

There's not even 100 monster suits in a season, let alone 100 Rider suits. If you really want your 100 Rider season, your budget is going to be blown on that alone, unless you just make slight modifications to the same handful of suits over and over again, and have them stick around for like an episode at most.


The only thing that bugged me about this show was when they shout out "Kamen Rider" through every transformation. They couldn't at least come up with a better transformation call? That and how there spark/effect was kinda different when ever they got hit. That kinda bugged me a little. Other then that though, I wished this show lasted longer. Woulda loved to see another toku show in america that aint Power Rangers. Sadly it didn't even last long enough to even air the finale... :disappoin


New Member
It was okay for what it was.


No-Men...poor man's ZECT...*sigh* could've easily set up another Rider Series right there (NOT BLADE THOUGH!!!)

Tim Taylor's Brother as Xaviax and "The Nephew of the Chairman of Kitchen Stadium" kept it amusing.:sweat:

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