KR Den-O Fic: Ai Luv Yu

Neko is writing this in honor of her favorite pairing in Den-O! AirixYuuto!!!! (This to those who support this pairing! AirixYuuto 4ever!) Plus there is another possible pairing at the end (depending on how you want to interpret it) in which a friend of mine requested. It’s not a yaoi or yuri possible pairing, for your information. So two birds with one stone, nyah. Also, all of you guys here know me as MidNightBlues, but I’m more commonly known as shadowneko003, hence, calling myself “neko.†This story was started on November 25, 2007, so Den-O hasn’t ended yet. Everything here is what I think would happen in the end.

About the title, I had no idea what to call it so it's going by “Ai Luv Yu†right now. But the title may/will change if I can think of another title.

Leave a comment when you’re done reading! Flames will be punish! If you didn’t like it, why do you even bother to completely read it!!


“blah†regular talking

‘blah’ thinking


Enough of my rambles, ACTION STARTO!


Part 1

It has been one month since that fateful event, the event that nearly cost disrupting time itself. Combining their powers, Den-O and Zeronos were able to pull off the destruction of time and protect it from the hands of the one who wanted to destroy time. When they came back, everything was back to normal. Hana returned back to her adult form. Owner has finally mastered the Triple Spoon technique. Momo-tachi and Ryoutaro parted ways, and Ryoutaro returns to his daily life before all the Imagin business. Yuuto, still commanding the Zeroliner, returns to his own time.


Ryoutaro was changing the signs on The Milk Dipper window that read “closed†to “open.†One month has passed and still no signs of him. When he came back after the battle, he found his sister staring at the telescope as if trying to remember something important.

“Ryou-chan, I’m going out to the corner store to buy something. Watch the store.†Airi said as she walked out the door.

“Yes, onee-san.â€

A few minutes later, Hana walked into the shop.

“Hana-san, welcome.â€

“Hey Ryoutaro!â€

“It feels weird now that Momo-tachi are gone, but at the same time, it’s kinda relaxing at the same time.â€

“You’ll get use to it again. He hasn’t shown up yet has he?â€

Ryoutaro shook his head.


At the nearby grocery store, Airi was currently in the fruits and vegetable section. When she first entered the store, she was only planning to buy those coffee filter paper, but soon she found herself wandering to the fruits and vegetable aisle because of the sales. After looking through the selection, she decided on tangerines and bananas and headed towards the checkout.

Airi existed the store after paying for her groceries and headed back the shop. She walked up that hill street where she almost had her purse stolen a month or so ago. A young man came to her rescue and she soon learned that it was one of her brother’s friends. Making her way up the hill, she found out that she had difficulties going up with her bags.

“Let me help you with that.†A man came to her aid.

“No, no, it’s ok. I can handle it.†Airi insisted.

“I insist. A fine lady like yourself shouldn’t have to carry these heavy items up this street by yourself.†He took the bags from Airi and walked up the street with her.

“Thank you.†When they reached the top, Airi took back her bags.

“It was a pleasure.â€

“I own a place called The Milk Dipper, which serves coffee and information about the constellation. If you would come with me, I’ll make you some coffee in return for your help. It’s down this street.â€

“I’m afraid I’ll have to call a rain check today. Maybe tomorrow?â€

“Tomorrow is ok with me.â€

“I’ll see you tomorrow then.†And with that he turn and left.


“Ok, Ryoutaro, I’ll see you later!†Hana said as she started down the street.

“Bye Hana-san!†Ryoutaro waved. Just then he notice his sister talking to someone who looked oddly familiar.

Airi walked passed Hana, saying hello, and up to Ryoutaro.

“Nee-san, who was that?â€

“Oh! He helped me carry these groceries up that hill street. Oh my! I forgot to ask him his name. I’ll ask him tomorrow when he stops by.â€

Ryoutaro took the groceries from this sister and followed her inside the shop. He had grown some muscle when Momotaro and Kintaro were training. But he couldn’t stop thinking about the man that his sister was talking to a few minutes ago. ‘Cold it be him?’ Ryoutaro shook it off and returned to this daily duties. “He†would show up when he would show up. And thinking about it wasn’t going to make it happen sooner.


End part 1
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i hope this doesnt discourage you, but try making them longer, so theres more to read...
otherwise, i like the plot and all so far =D
Thanks for the reviews! Originally, this was going to be posted as the whole story, but I figure I break it down into parts and see what ppl think of it and if they want to add some suggestion. Next part will be longer....I think.......