Korean Deca Drivers? Knock-offs?


I'm pretty sure the Korean-boxed Deca Drivers I've seen on ebay are legit the same way Transformers and Microman figures are packaged in Korean packages are official Takara Products. Or am i wrong?

And if it is an official product, anyone know what the differences are other than the boxes? It speaks English anyway right? What is the quality of the toy compared tot he Japanese DX deca Driver?

Thanks for your time guys!


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From what i've been told there are NO differences at all between the japanese and Korean DecaDriver. The only actual difference between the two is actually a good difference, the Ganbaride cards are written in english making them more show accurate to their japanese counterparts. Also japanese Ganbaride cards work in it so you're golden. This is what i've been told however so i'm not even 100% sure.


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I bought one off of eBay, it works perfectly fine. The cards are in English and lack all the little power numbers and such that would apply to the Ganbaride game. All of my random Japanese FAR cards work just fine. I bought a Japanese K-Touch and it also works perfectly with the Korean Driver.

Another thread on here brought up the differences and convinced me to give it a try, so I just thought I'd return the favor and clear up any possible confusion.


i bought a korean one as well its just fine i think there is one minor difference its otherwise identical so if you wand a deca driver GET IT

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Heh, he already put in the order. He and I are both getting one. :thumbs:

Might have to take pictures at Comic Con. :D

Thanks for the video, Shin!
Carol, I was surprised you wanted one... though I think you'll just use it the same way as your Blaybuckle... to turn into Blade :p

Either way, it was a verrrrry good price, even after shipping.

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