Kodansha Presents Three Digital Manga For October

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Manga publisher Kodansha has revealed three volumes it plans to publish digitally in English next month: Raised by the Demon Kings, The Cafe Terrace and its Goddesses, and Gamaran: Shuma. None are seasonally themed (well, that first one could be interpreted as such, but it’s not really “scary”).
Raised by the Demon Kings is what Kodansha calls a “Three Demons And A Baby Comedy.” Death Mark, the High Demon King, rules the Demon World from the fearsome Death Castle…and, for reasons the press release doesn’t really explain, he finds himself forced to take care of a toddler. Well, he has his friends Giant Rock and Dark Knight to assist him, but keeping this kid out of trouble may be the hardest job he’s ever had. The manga releases October 4.
Then on October 18 there’s The Cafe Terrace and its Goddesses, harem coffee shop rom-com from the author of Fuuka and Suzuka, followed by Gamaran: Shuma on October 25, the sequel volume to the just-released original Gamaran. Kodansha’s official...

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I am still depressed of the fact we still don't have a Gamaran Anime adaptation until now.
Raised by demons looks cute, demons had been villains of Anime for a long time so this is a refreshing change. I read Gamaran before when I borrowed the copies owned by my cousin and its awesome.

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