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In 1988, a disturbing new manga called Parasyte hit the stands. 30-plus years later, Hitoshi Iwaaki’s sci-fi horror story is considered a classic of the genre, having produced spinoffs, live-action and animated adaptions, the most recent being the 2015 anime that ran on Toonami shortly afterward. Now Kodansha is bringing the original back, in a format sharper and more terrifying than it’s ever been.
If David Cronenberg was a manga artist, Parasyte is what he’d come up with. The Earth is being invaded by aliens that form symbiotic bonds to human hosts. Once the alien takes over, they become quite formidable, walking around in deceptive human-skin disguises but twisting their bodies into gruesome weapons when the need arises. Main character Shinichi has also been infected, but his alien is oddly polite and decides to help his life rather than destroy it. They vow to team up and stop the other aliens from taking over Earth...

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