[ASIAN-ENT] KO Series: More sequels


Since the return the KO Series in 2012, more sequels are being made. while many are happy, most are not after watching the sequels.

There is currently 6 seasons. There is a opening compilation here:

KO One (2005)
The X-Family (2007)
K.O.3an Guo (2009)
KO One Return (2012)
KO One Re-act (2013)
The X-Dormitory (2014)

Reasons for unhappy fans on the sequel:
They are not able to get all of the original cast back (even though many return). This is especially true in the ending for season 6 The X-Dormitory (sequel to The X-Family). There is a big war in the background and yet they did not show any of it since the actors are not available. in the end, they just state that they sacrifice themselves (but it is still not known if they are dead).

but the actors acting in the show really put in their effort. i don't hate them. blame the scriptwriter.

Still, i want to recommend for newcomers. i am sure this is not the first thread about the KO Series (there is one 2 years back and another even earlier before).

And, at the moment, they are currently filming season 7, K.O. Bad Girls:
K.O. Bad Girls takes place in the Bronze Dimension. The Bronze Dimension has been mentioned in The X-Family and the subsequent sequels but had never been visited (other than Zack appearing in The X-Family). I think it is a good move to have it in another dimension since they can start fresh and hopefully bring back the fans who are upset about the previous sequels.


I've only seen up to 3an Guo, I didn't even know it continued after that, heh. I think it was losing its charm by then, though, becoming way more serious than it should be.


K one return started out okay till the midway where it started to go downhill
due to jiro only filming for half a season as he got other commitments. Thus they reshoot the ending due to fan request to bring him back
. Ko one re-act is much better than ko one return and the x-dormitory. While many still say it is not up to standard compared to the first three, it is still the best of the sequels. Despite this i still want to recommend people to watch the sequel, but sub is hard to come by.

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