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Knock at the Cabin is a Home invasion horror from the director of OldM. Night Shyamalan got character development. From making a Whitewashed The last Airbender movie to making a diverse cast horror film with an intriguing narrative. Harry Potter fans who are wondering where is Rupert Grint now? Well, he is in this movie playing a character named Redmond. Dave Batista had fully transitioned from WWE to Hollywood, and his acting is already better than Dwayne Johnson and John Cena’s. He is mostly a heel on his run as a Wrestler, but his antagonist role in this movie is a character I have never seen him play before.
The plot mostly focuses on a gay couple and the girl they adopted into their...

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Ten years ago, I detested M. Knight Shyamalan for what he done to the last Airbender adaptation of Avatar. After all the hate we directed at him, he is now able to make a comeback and become a better director. One of the better Shyamalan trailers is certainly this one. However, here they only reveal the set up and not much else, which is pretty interesting. His trailers for his earlier movies sometimes reveal a lot of crucial story details in the trailer, most recently Old.


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Honestly, this looks great. This is how horror movie trailers need to be made. They most likely just aired the first 25 minutes of the film at most, and they only included the information that was necessary to draw in viewers. I'm excited to watch it. I'm delighted people can see what a talented actor Batista is. Best wrestler-turned-actor, without a doubt.
Dave Bautista is fantastic! Love to watch it, from badass professional wrestler to even greater movie star. He shines in both Spectre and Guardians of the Galaxy. M. Night Shyamalan unleashes the freak!


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I have a feeling that the invaders are not Homophobic. They are not after the parents. They are after the daughter. The Girl might be the anti-christ and they have to kill her. That is just my theory because if they are homophobic it will be to obvious and M.Knight loves integrating plot twists to his films.


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Yes, I think Leonard and the other three are the "Four Horsemen" of the end-times described in the Bible. Could the family be made to choose between killing each other because one or all of them are somehow accountable for a catastrophic event? BUT there is a significant twist at the end of every Shyamalan film. This appears nice.


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Actually, this film is based on a prize-winning book that was published at the same time. The book is spooky, I've read it. The casting is good because the main characters look exactly like what is described in the book.


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Finally a horror movie with Gay protagonist and the main characters felt like normal people. This is the kind of writing LGBT characters needed. The movie They/Them is so terrible.


M. Knight use to make crap movies after his success with 6th sense. Now he is improving as a director and now be able to make movies like this. He is slowly redeeming himself from that Last Airbender catasthrophe.


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I am a bit hesitant knowing this director either makes good movies or bad movies. He is like a Russian Roulette.