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Funimation has announced a partnership with Polygon Pictures to bring the feature film Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven In The Stars to US shores this fall.
A thousand years in the future, a ferocious species of aliens arrived on Earth with the goal of exterminating the human race. The Gauna nearly succeeded, but at this point mankind perfected space travel and a sizable number of humans were able to escape the devastation by taking off in a massive starship, the Sidonia. The Gauna know, though, and they’re pursuing the Sidonia to finish what they started. All that stands between peace and human extinction are the brave Knights of Sidonia, who defend the ship and the colony inside.
The movie is an extension of the Knights of Sidonia TV series which has produced 24 episodes over two seasons. If you’ve never seen either of them, Funi also announced today that both seasons will be added to their streaming app starting next week, August 3.
“Knights of Sidonia is a kick-ass adventure tale...
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