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King Tweety is a Video on Demand film starring two of Looney Tunes cartoon icons.Sylvester still have the desires to Eat Tweety birds but they are more friendly to each other now. The long time frenemies  now stars on their own movie with a fresh new Calarts Art style. It has been 22 years since this Yellow Canary starred in his  full length movie.
Tweety’s High-Flying Adventure was released in the year 2000! The Bird and The cat did appear in the most recent Space Jam but for a support role only. Tweety Bird and Sylvester started their film career in 1942 and these two characters had proven they will never fade away. Every decade since then there is a child who watched them on Looney Tunes. Growing up, I use to debate my Sister wether Tweety is a Boy or a Girl and I will share her  this article to rub salt to the...

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I always want to see a movie or cartoon where Sylvester finally swallowed that annoying bird. I hate cartoons like Tom and Jerry and this one that villainizes cats when there are millions of cats that needed homes.


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Calarts is like a disease destroying all cartoons right now. Looney Tunes getting the Calarts art style makes my heart bleed. I blame Steven Universe for this Atrocity that All American cartoons right now using this eyesore of an artstyle.

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