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The fifteenth installment of the long-running King Of Fighters series is on the way, but it won’t officially arrive until early 2022. To build up anticipation, SNK is revealing info about the game one 3-member team at a time. This week, they’ve introduced us to Team Super Heroine, a gang of three formidable females! They each get videos and character descriptions…

Athena is a high-school pop idol fighting evil to bring about world peace. Her fighting style is composed of the psychic powers she was born with and Chinese Kung Fu. She is a hard worker, both polite and serious. However, this KOF she’s unexpectedly teamed up with Mai and Yuri…?

Mai is a kunoichi and successor of the Shiranui style of ninja arts. Her opponents are at the mercy of her graceful movements and fascinating attire. Using large fans as weapons, her fighting style is to “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”.
(wait, SNK, that sounds familiar)...

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