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Killing it makes it worthwhile to Subscribe to Peacock! This comedy is fresh, entertaining, and worth watching! Craig Robinson plays a character who has the same name as him, but he is not a famous comedian. Craig is a divorced dad who have elusive ambitions. Poor guy is at risk of being separated from his daughter because his ex-wife’s boyfriend wants to move his family to another State. He is a financially struggling security guard with dreams of owning a saw palmetto berries
That fruit is endemic to Florida, where he resides, and the Pharmaceutical industry has insane demands for these berries. He had a vision and tried to accomplish it by getting a loan to buy a swampland where he could farm the berries. Sadly he is a magnet of lousy luck because fate always compromises his plans.
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It has always been my dream to live in Florida, and I will never starve there because of all the invasive animals; I can hunt for meat, and I can Garden vegetables there. I Will just need a hurricane-proof house. I watch those Youtube channels that hunt Pythons, and it's so cool Peacock made a sitcom out of them.


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It must be over the top good that you could watch all in one sitting, haha. I want no spoilers but Craig seems like a determined man and being that Jillian is such a hustler he might be in good company. If you can make it in the Burmese python bounty program, you'll make it big. I think I'll enjoy Killing It. Way to go Peacock.
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Finally! Craig Robinson is finally a lead actor on his own series. Vegans will be hating the concept about a show where people kills animals for money though but invasive animals destroys echo systems.


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Brock is my spirit Animal! I want to protect him at all cost. He is the reason why I continue watching the show after the 3rd episode. He stole the show but I did enjoy the lead characters Craig and Jillian. I just loved Brock more!


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Killing it is really Killing it! I love all the episodes I watched so far. Jillian is a character I want to protect of all cost!