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Mar 20, 2012
It's time once again for a team of heroes to walk off into the sunset (if we ignore how at least one of them is continuing on into the next season). There's been missing parents, world pirates, robot birds, and a fist fight with god. Share your thoughts here on what you thought of the 45th Super Sentai!

Dr Kain

The series was awful. Everything was tell us, but not show us. SD brothers need to be restored to humans? Done off-screen. Kaito's mom is missing in another world? They look for her off-screen. The dad leaves to find her? He finds her off-screen and brings her home off-screen. Gege was taking over by the god off screen.

It also didn't help that not a single thing had any sense of urgency to it. The villains and monsters had no threat levels whatsoever. No development. Wallboss made Genis and Dogranio look active. Too many episodes that ended with a big battle about to occur only for the battle to be over with within a minute of the following episode. Not to mention the final battle was over before it even began.

They never did anything with the anniversary theme. Like why not use the Sentai World gears as the villains instead of the dogshit like Sushi World and Recycle World?

The only things I can give praises for is the acting, the gear voice actress, and the times they made fun of the Sentai tropes. Overall, this is easily one of the lowest tier shows imaginable.

This series proves what i said a year ago and that Junko can't write a Sentai series for jackshit. She has no idea what makes good story telling and has no business being a Toku writer. Tell her to write for Looney Tunes.
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Oct 22, 2012
I'm one episode in and because it had some level of entertainment value I can safely say that it is better than Kamen Rider Build, the worst tokusatsu ever made.