"Kihei Senki Legacies" Announced

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Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-03-26/kindaichi-creator-gundam-designer-animate-kihei-senki-legacies

Well this seems to be a strange beast to say the least. Ignoring that it is slated for 52 episodes despite being a new untested mecha show, it is the writer that is most interesting. Shin Kibayashi (one among his several professionally used names) is basically known for his detective/mystery stories so having him pen a mecha show is daring choice and probably a clue on the overall direction and tone of series. But for me the designs from Kunio Okawara is what has really caught my eye, basically meant to invoke the image of decayed mobile suits it shows that Okawara can still come up with inspiring designs when not forced into a design scheme.


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Awesome story and awesome mecha design. I'm really interested in Yamato, as his personality is one of my favourites, especially since he plays video games! Let's see how this "good for nothing" will turn into an awesome pilot who will save the city! And the idea of decayed mecha, which I'm sure Ω99 is, is awesome! Kunio Okawara is showing one of his best designs based on that picture in the link! Speaking of which, I guess that's Ω99, which looks really awesome! I can't wait to watch this anime! It's going to be 52 episodes too! Awesomeness! I hope it will get at least 2 awesome openings! I can imagine them already!:D

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