Kid you will become old too!

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Seth Larson

Kid, you think you are the coolest person because you are updated on the latest technologies. You think you are the cool one because of your Pop Culture awareness. You play video games, watch anime, read comic books, and listen to edgy music. Many millennials and Gen Z believe they will make cool grandparents. No way! You can’t boast about your technical knowledge, but the technologies you know will become obsolete over time. There will come a moment when you will no longer follow gadget trends. You can’t keep up because life is like a female dog, and you will have expenses to pay.

Kid, The Celebrities you Idolize will be historical figures that 12-year-olds in the Future won’t recognize.
My nine-year-old niece doesn’t know who Kurt Cobain and the Spice Girls are. I am a 90s kid, yet I know who Beatles and Elvis are. Kids have less literacy in history, and many people today get fooled by some Historical revisionism online.
The Teen stars of my time are now playing...

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I remember My Uncle claiming to be a Street Fighter Fan but the only characters he knows are Street Fighter II characters and thought Chun-li and Cammy are still the only girls in the roster. He outgrew it. I laugh on him about him. Now knowing I will experience the same I see the next Gen Pokemons and I only knew the OGs.


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I will be playing video games when I get old, but I also doubt if I will love fun in the future. I am not a fan of Fornite, Among Us, and all those trendy games.


I hope I will manage follow tech as much I can. At least computer tech. Trends online not so much. I don't want to become as my parents who are overwhelmed by time and lost all tracks. They live still live in time TV and radio.


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I feel old whenever I remember that most of the stranger things cast must now use CGI to look young because they are all over 18 now.

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