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What kind of keyboard do you have?

I have a Logitech K800 and I'm thinking of switching it out, but I'm not sure which kind to get. Maybe seeing what you guys have could give me some ideas...?
I am not sure what kind of keyboard I have. I have a MMabook laptop, which already has the keyboard attached. Other than that, I don't buy external keyboard.

Kelly Hartman

For my Mac Mini I have the standard Mac aluminum wired+numpad version. I actually went out of my way to buy the wired version, since a) no batteries and b) I use the numpad as the right hand for gaming in addition to any calculation I need.

My PC is actually the old Microsoft PS/2 two-tone Multimedia keyboard from a billion years ago. I bought it way back when multimedia keys were a luxury (2006?) and I've liked it so much, I kept it even for my upgrade to USB3. The only pain is that you have to hit the F lock to access the bios screen at startup (and my mobo is pretty quick, I sometimes miss it).


New Member
I actually own a logitec wireless keyboard and mouse. I also own your run of the mill USB wired keyboard and mouse. I prefer a wired keyboard and mouse for security and reliability reasons. The only disadvantage is that it adds two additional cords, and takes away two of my 8 USB ports, when I can just use the wireless keyboard and have it only take up one port. I am happy with the trade-off.